Downhole Camera Light Ring Sight Glass
For Borehole Inspection
  • Annular window with LED light ring isolator for Downhole and Borehole high resolution video camera inspection
  • Long working life in extreme Downhole environment
  • No maintenance required
  • Tested to high safety factor to insure safety & reliability
  • Engineered, Manufactured and tested at the Rayotek U.S. facility
  • Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) tested to 20,000PSI or higher
  • Temperature rated at 300C or higher for custom apps

Rayotek's Downhole Annular Video Imaging Sight Glasses are engineered for indirect illuminated imaging in confined, dark, hostile environments. Our compact downhole annular camera Sight Glass is a solid, uni-body borosilicate glass window with an integrated annular glass window to be used with an LED ourter ring. This design allows for well-lit, reduced shadow imaging in boreholes while eliminating light interference and minimizing environmental light backscatter.

Durability: Rayotek Downhole Camera Imaging Sight Windows include an optical quality sapphire shield to increase scratch resistance while adding redundant failure security. This added sapphire shield also increases the lifetime of the window and helps protect costly imaging equipment from catastrophic Sight Window failure. In addition, the housing is made of Duplex Stainless Steel; an exceptionally durable and chemically resistant metal.

Rayotek Annular Downhole camera Sight Windows are field tested and proven to be extremely valuable for borehole (downhole) inspection.

Rayotek annular video imaging sight windows are field tested and proven to be extremely valuable for borehole (downhole) imaging.

Adaptation to your system: The backside of the Rayotek's Downhole Video Imaging Sight Window is designed for easy attachment to your camera housing. It can also be easily modified on a manual lathe to adapt you're your existing system. Please contact Rayotek engineering for assistance in adapting and sealing our Downhole Video Camera Sight Window to your camera housing. Rayotek has considerable experience in sealing systems that will insure that your Downhole Camera Sight Window is properly sealed to your camera housing.

(All Sight Glasses by Size)

SIZE Nominal (in) Part Number Pressure Rating* (psi/bar) Min. Operating Temperature ˚C (˚F) Max. Operating Temperature˚C (˚F) Internal (IP), External (EP) or Vacuum (VAC) Window Material Housing Material Primary Clear Aperture In. (mm) Secondary Clear Aperture In. (mm) DRIFT O.D. (In.) Additional Info.
1.10 101373 10,000 (690) -40°F 536°F IP,EP, VAC BOROSILICATE DUPLEX 0.80 TBD 1.690+0.0/-0.002 Build To Order
1.52 101374 10,000 (690) -40°F 536°F IP,EP, VAC BOROSILICATE DUPLEX 1.02 TBD 2.370+0.0/-0.002 Build To Order
1.95 101375 10,000 (690) -40°F 536°F IP,EP, VAC BOROSILICATE DUPLEX 1.25 TBD 3.000+0.0/-0.002 Build To Order
2.38 101376 10,000 (690) -40°F 536°F IP,EP, VAC BOROSILICATE DUPLEX 1.60 TBD 3.750+0.0/-0.002 Build To Order


  • Petroleum & water borehole (downhole) video imaging
  • Pipe damage & clog inspection
  • Optic probes for search & rescue camera systems
  • Deep-sea rig investigation & repair
  • Mineral and coal slurry pipeline inspection
  • In-line spectroscopy and particle analysis

Rayotek sight windows can transmit a broad range of wavelengths and are capable of operating under extreme temperature, pressure, chemical and mechanical conditions. The selection of window and housing materials will determine capabilities.




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