San Diego, CA, March 1, 2016 Bill Raggio, physicist by education, and founder and CTO of glass-technology leaders Rayotek Scientific and Rayotek Sight Windows, addresses the question ‘How much should high pressure sight glass window cost?’
According to Raggio, “There is a huge range in pricing on sight windows depending on many factors, and frankly, a sight window is ‘too expensive’ when it has specs and attributes of no value to the user.”

The term sight window or sight glass means different things in different industries — even different things within an industry — depending on the use. A stock window for viewing into a vessel under low pressure, at room temperature, might cost a couple hundred dollars; a custom-configured high pressure window looking inside a wellhead below an oil drilling rig at 15,000 psi might cost a few thousand dollars. “The range is wide depending on many factors. The configuration on that second window must meet rigorous quality standards. Its value is that it can confirm or deny instrumentation readouts that might prevent, or prepare for, an expensive, time-consuming, dangerous manual check of the apparatus,” continues Raggio. According to Raggio, here are four money-saving considerations:

• Determine the lowest safe temperature and pressure requirements (noting that the temperature at the glass window location is often much lower than the maximum system temperature).
• Ask only for certifications necessary for the application and industry.
• Purchase a stock size and design as opposed to custom.
• Contact a company with a qualified engineering team to determine the lowest-cost options that will meet all of your requirements.

“That said,” Raggio adds, “consider the overall value of a sight window if it improves the quality of the system and gives the product the edge by providing clear, safe viewing (never needing replacements) for years.” Raggio suggests that some of the value-added benefits of superior sight windows can make them a better investment than bare-bones ones:

• Durability of higher-grade, certified materials
• Superior resistance to heat, chemicals and abrasion
• High safety factors for high pressure and vacuum environments
• Extra working life with minimal maintenance
• Reduced/zero outgassing and contamination
• Industry standard and MIL standard compliant
• Controlled QA process at one ISO 9001 certified USA facility (engineered, manufactured and tested)

About Rayotek Sight Windows
Rayotek Sight Windows is the end result of a natural evolution of business and technology that began at the parent company, Rayotek Scientific, Inc. As an international leader in glass, sapphire and materials integration technology, Rayotek Scientific had received numerous requests to engineer and manufacture long lasting, high-end sight windows for hostile environments with rigorous requirements and safety restrictions. Rayotek Sight Windows is unique in its extensive and diverse staff of engineers and technicians that understand, intimately, how sight windows work, and more importantly, how they will work with your application. Rayotek Sight Windows is ISO 9001:2008 certified and offers extensive FEA, simulation, modeling and testing expertise to support the windows.

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