A worldwide manufacturer of wellhead components experienced intermittent issues with seal integrity during make-up procedures on an offshore wellhead assembly. The addition of a visual secondary check during the pressure testing step would save hundreds of thousands of dollars in testing and downtime.

Required Specifications:

  • Operating Pressures - Vacuum to 10kpsi (cycling)
  • Operating Temperature - 45ºC to 300ºC
  • Potential Environmental Exposure - Drilling mud, frac fluids, hydrocarbon mix, abrasive environment, mission critical location (highest risk rating)



A secondary check system was created by designing an ultra-high pressure borosilicate window fused into an API compliant 15K flange. The system was tested up to 20kpsi. Visual checks safely, accurately and efficiently complimented the complex and costly instrumentation clusters used for testing. Less data interpretation is needed to confirm fluid or gas communication during pressure testing. This solution can be utilized on wellhead systems for deepwater offshore applications and in other ancillary pressure control systems such as blowout preventers and frac manifolds.



API Flange Assembly ~ Specifications Achieved:

  • Interface - API flange (15kpsi, tested to 20kpsi)
  • Housing Material - API spec low carbon steel (code compliant)
  • Window Material - Borosilicate glass (fused/pre-stressed) for maximum pressure rating & impact strength
  • Mounting - Fused glass to metal seal via proprietary manufacturing techniques
  • Additional Notes - wash port designed for cleaning of window interface without removal & handling hooks for safe installation.


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