Through its parent company, Rayotek Scientific, RSW has acquired over 20 year's experience in designing high pressure Sight Windows and high pressure Sealing Systems.  Because RSW tests all high pressure Sight Windows and Systems it builds, we’ve become experts in high pressure test systems.

RSW has the engineering infrastructure and equipment to build its own test chambers for RSW product testing. This service is also available as an outside testing service for customers who need their parts pressure tested in a controlled, professional environment.

RSW engineering has the following capabilities to compliment it’s high pressure testing:

  • A large staff of engineers & scientists to support controlled high pressure testing.

  • Complete analysis equipment including:
    • Stress/strain measurement
    • Load cells
    • In-situ video monitoring
    • Temperature control & monitoring

  • AFEM/FEA lab to simulate failure mechanisms.

  • Pump systems capable of reaching over 100,000PSI.

  • No upper limit on test chamber size.
    • Because RSW can design & build its own carbon composite test chambers, there is no upper limit to pressure chamber size.

  • The capacity to utilize specialized fluids & gases as part of the test atmosphere.