RSW has extensive experience and equipment for leak testing Sight Windows and other container/chamber systems. RSW tests for internal leaks by pressurizing the system internally, and for external leakage by placing the article in a pressure chamber and pressurizing it externally (for example deep sea equipment).

RSW leak checking services offers the following parameters:

  • Leak check media can be specialized fluids such as seawater or gases including helium and argon.
  • Systems can be pressurized from ultra-high vacuum to over 100,000 PSI to check for leaks.
  • Systems can also be tested at different temperatures ranging from 4Kelvin to over 1500C.

Our methods for leak detection include:

  1. Helium mass spectroscopy
  2. UV tracer die
  3. Controlled gas bubble

In addition, RSW has the ability and equipment to perform environmental cycling of parts followed by leak checking in order to further weed out potentially leaky parts.