1 1/2" NPT Fused Quartz sealed into Stainless 316 Housing, EP, IP, VAC - 150PSI MAX



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Rayotek has engineered a unique Sight Window for applications that involve exposing your Sight Window to extreme temperatures, thermal shock and chemically aggressive environments. Rayotek fused quartz, gasket sealed Sight Windows will allow you to cycle or operate continuously to cryogenic temperatures up to 900C without compromise to the clarity of the window or its seal. Rayotek fused quartz Sight Glasses are used in extreme applications such as engine exhaust systems, furnace and incinerator flues, pyrometry and combustion chambers. Please contact the Rayotek Sight Window engineering team for more details and assistance with your application.

For higher temperature requirements up to 1900C, see our Custom Sight Window page.

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