High Pressure Flow Cell Sight Window

High-pressure flow cells are tubes that allow viewing, measurement and analysis of flowing fluids and gasses. A properly designed flow cell is long enough to place the viewing windows beyond what is called the "entrance region", which is the initial length of tubing where the flow goes from turbulent to what is called "fully developed" laminar flow. Ideally, a flow cell does not have any impact on the laminar flow as it crosses the viewing area.

All Rayotek Flow Cells are designed with smooth bores with no transition between the round stainless steel housing ID and the matched glass window ID. Simply put, if you run your finger along the inside you will not feel a dimensional transition from the glass to the metal.

Standard Rayotek Flow Cells come with customer specified end fittings, including NPT, HiP, Haskel and Swagelok®. The window material is Borosilicate fused directly to a stainless steel or Duplex housing. There are no seal materials involved, just a pure glass to metal seal. Custom flow cells can be built to your specifications.

Standard flow cells are rated to 4000PSI but custom higher pressure flow cells are available and will be engineered and tested with adequate safety margin, determined by customer, application and regulations.

Rayotek sight windows can transmit a broad range of wavelengths and are capable of operating under extreme temperature, pressure, chemical and mechanical conditions. The selection of window and housing materials will determine capabilities.




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