SAE J514 Glass Fused into 316 Stainless Housing, EP, IP, VAC -  Sight Window

2" SAE J514 Sapphire Bonded into 316 Stainless Housing, IP - 4000PSI MAX



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Rayotek’s 316 stainless steel/sapphire bonded SAE J514 Sight Windows are rugged, optical grade Sight Windows. Using proprietary adhesive bonding systems, Rayotek seals C-axis sapphire windows into stainless steel housings for a clean, high strength, scratch resistant Sight Window. Our sapphire Sight Glasses are designed for industrial to high tech applications such as laser measuring, spectroscopy, petroleum exploration and particle analysis.


SAE Tools
Rayotek SAE Sight Windows are designed to be tightened with symmetric loads.

Use only the following types of wrenches:

closed end wrench.jpeg

Using any other type of tool will void the warranty and risk damaging the Sight Windows. 

Do not to use:

Using these prohibited tools can damage your Sight Window and will void the warranty.

SAE Tightening:
All Rayotek SAE Sight Windows should be tightened as follows:

      1. Inspect & Clean: make sure the threads on both the Sight Window and the receiving SAE female are clean and not damaged. Make sure the O-ring sealing surfaces are flat and scratch free. O-rings cannot seal into deep scratches.

      2. O-ring: make sure the O-ring is clean, new and with no cracks or damage. Install O-ring without cutting the O-ring on threads.

      3. Lubricant: lubricant should always be used. Apply to threads and O-ring. Hydraulic oil is a good lubricant.

      4. Hand Tighten: hand tighten SAE Sight Window.

      5. Mark position: mark the Sight Window Housing and the mating side to help count the turns.

      6. Wrench Tighten: use the proper wrench (see above) and refer to the table below to complete the sealing process. Values are the maximum allowable; the SAE Sight Window should be tightened only until you are confident it is sealed but not to the maximum amount:


(dash #)
(ft lb)
1 1/4
1 1/2

Over tightening can damage the Sight Window and will void the warranty.


Rayotek Sight Window Products are fabricated and tested to exceed industry standards. As dependable as Rayotek Sight Window Products are, pressure and vacuum systems are inherently dangerous and thus proper caution must be practiced when using Sight Windows. If not installed and/or used properly Sight Windows can be dangerous.

Suggested Precautions:

  • Installation must be performed per the Installation Tab of this page.
  • Appropriate safety-wear and shielding should be used when Sight Windows are in use.
  • Rayotek Sight Windows must be inspected properly per the Inspection Tab of this page. Inspections should occur upon initial receipt and as part of a routine preventative maintenance schedule.


Rayotek Sight Windows are designed and manufactured to be robust and reliable once they are installed into the system for which they are designed. Prior to installation Rayotek Sight Windows must be handled properly to avoid damage.

Sight Windows should be handled in a manner to avoid any contact with hard objects.  Even if the metal Housing of a Sight Window is impacted it could compromise the Sight Window integrity and render it unsafe.

For example, dropping a Sight Window onto a hard floor could shock the Window material and cause an incidental crack that is not visible to the naked eye. Even though invisible, the Sight Window may be compromised and could fail when exposed to pressures.

Good handling practices should also be observed during installation.

Rayotek Sight Windows should be cleaned the same way you would clean optical glass to avoid scratching:

  • Use a soft cloth with a gentle cleaning solvent such as isopropanol, methanol, acetone or a commercial degreaser. Off-the-shelf dish detergent may also work.
  • Do not use abrasive cloth, toilet paper, tissue paper or any other paper not designed for optical cleaning purposes. For more delicate window materials like ZnSe use extreme care in cleaning. These materials are very soft and will scratch even with soft cleaning materials if not done properly.

If unsure on the best way to clean your Sight Window(s), please contact Rayotek for more information.

All Rayotek Sight Window Products are inspected and pressure tested* at the Rayotek facility prior to packaging. Damage during shipping could occur, therefore, upon receiving your Rayotek Sight Window(s), please inspect thoroughly:

  • If the Sight Window Housing is threaded, look at the threads for damage.
  • If the Sight Window has a sealing surface for an o-ring inspect the sealing surface to ensure it is smooth with no deep scratches in it that would prevent sealing.
  • Clear Aperture: inspect to ensure it has no visible damage. Make sure it meets your expectations. Note: not all Sight Windows are blemish or scratch free, this depends on the material the Sight Window is made of.

If you have concerns after inspecting a Rayotek Sight Window contact Rayotek immediately!

Never use a Rayotek Sight Window if there is visible damage to the Window material; when under pressure the Window could fail!

*For larger volumes an adequate sampling may be pressure tested in lieu of the entire lot.

Store Rayotek Sight Window Products in the box they were received in or an equivalent packaging system that will not allow the Sight Windows to come in contact with each other or any other hard objects.

Sight Windows should be stored and sealed so they do not collect dust and dirt. Some Sight Window materials such as ZeSe are very soft and will scratch easily when contaminated.